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AAN strives to provide one stop innovative, environmentally friendly, consistent supply of Specialty Packaging and Composting solution to our customers through Innovation, Quality Products and Service.

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World’s largest and trusted Recycling company

Abdulaziz Saud Abunayyan Company being in the forefront of Food Waste Handling and environmental spectrum

AAN Trading Company is a leading company specializing in the environmentally friendly solutions divisions that have been in operation since 2014

We follow the highest standards of quality and safety, as the process is carried outThrough international means of recycling to protect the environment, achieve human security and contribute to the Kingdom's vision 2030

We work on the latest technologies and using the best qualified experience in this field.

  • Reliability and performance
  • Just-in-time manufacturing
  • solar material financing

We believe in establishing new leads, center of excellence in various fields and providing exceptional Environmental Services at projects design, construction, execution and operational stages, Project Management Consultancy, and composting process development technology and solutions to cater the needs of the market.

our mission

Our Mission

Our missions are to secure a prestigious position as a global services company. We intend to achieve excellence in our services and certifications. We will support our customers for environmental compliance, quality management system compliance, operational excellence, and achieve the targets and credits green building projects and energy reduction initiatives.

our vision

Our vision

AAN Company aims to offer a global team equipped with technical knowledge, experience and required competencies; ready to take challenges and ready to provide support to meet high expectations.

our strength

Our Strength

AAN Company believes in the power of its people, and works for their welfare and growth, who ultimately become leaders.

Our leadership

Our team is comprised of experienced professionals who have thorough knowledge in the field, and who work on understanding the requirements of all stake holders involved; manufacturing, processing, government organizations, project management consultants and project honors to support them for necessary compliance, permits and smooth work flow. Dedicated to maintain the best quality of service, our team enables us to achieve a unique position in local markets and regionally.


Our Stewardship

Our board is responsible for the stewardship of our company. It participates in strategic planning process with senior management and periodically reviews management’s performance on key strategic and operational objectives. Succession planning, particularly for the executive managers and line managers, and board compensation also come under board review. Other responsibilities include identifying the company’s principal risks and regularly monitoring the current systems for managing these risks to protect shareholder value. Our board also defines the responsibilities of management and ensures the integrity of internal control and management information systems.


Our Independence

We adhere to corporate governance guidelines by maintaining a board structure in which a majority of directors are independent. As well, the board’s two committees, the Corporate Governance and Compensation Committee and the Audit and Risk Committee, are both composed entirely of independent directors. Every board meeting includes a session held without management present. The Corporate Governance and Compensation Committee assess the board and its other committees’ performance on an annual basis and may authorize individual directors to consult independent advisors at the company’s expense.


Our Integrity

At AAN Company , we believe in doing what’s right. We embrace the highest standards of personal and professional integrity. We never compromise our business principles. And we stay true to basic ideals that include good management, transparent accounting, and the delivery of long-term shareholder value.

We conduct our business using a valued practices and ways of working. These include an organizational structure that balances the operational and technical aspects of our Company; a focused business model that allows us to manage risk while pursuing continued growth; Practice and Risk Management teams dedicated to ensuring good professional practices and loss prevention; and training and development for all employees. As our company evolves, we continue to invest in our employees and training to enhance our client-service delivery.

The integrity of our board of directors sets the tone for our operations. Qualified and knowledgeable, our board members guide the management of our company's business and affairs while adhering to sound corporate governance practices.



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Years Of Experience In Recycling Industry

Customers Doing it Their Way!

We’ll be saying, "come and have a look at this, you can have one of these Anna Product in your back yard, it composts your food waste, helps the environment and brings down your refuse bills!


Hotel CEO Founder

Thanks for the delivery of the Oklin GG-10s composter, today. I am extremely excited to introduce this marvelous machine to St Leonard's Primary School. I have used them in two previous schools and they have worked wonders.

Gary Nixon

School Owner

I am amazed at how well the Oklin GG-50s works, how easy it is to use and how quickly it composts, as a result we now only have one bin collected every week instead of two and we have plenty of rich compost for the garden

Wayne Hack

Facilities Manager