Environment Departments

AAN strives to provide one stop innovative, environmentally friendly, consistent supply of Specialty Packaging and Composting solution to our customers through Innovation, Quality Products and Service.

Enviroment Department

Consultancy Environmental

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AAN Company aims to contribute for sustainable development by providing technical expertise in environmental studies, environmental monitoring, and environmental protection and remediation services for government and commercial sectors. Using our technical expertise, we offer efficient and cost-effective services in the following fields:

  • Health & Safety Environmental Impact Assessments (HSEIA).
  • Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA).
  • Constructional Environmental Management Plans (CEMP).
  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA, EIAR, EIAS).
  • Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental Plan (QHSE).
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA).
  • Strategic Environmental Impact Assessments (SEIA).
  • Marine Environmental Impact Assessments (MEIA).
  • Mining Plans and Quarry Rehabilitation Plans.
  • Environmental Performance Report (EPR).
  • Initial Environmental Examination (IEE).
  • Environmental Site Assessment.
  • Air Quality Studies & Modelling.
  • Environmental Audit (EA).
  • Environmental Management Plan (EMP) / Environmental Management & Monitoring Plan (EMMP).

Enviroment Department

Biodiversity and Habitat Surveys

Preliminary Ecological Surreys and Assessments are the most common ecology surveys conducted by our teams and the starting point for the assessment of biodiversity on a site. They are designed to provide a base-line overview of on-site and adjoining habitats and the risk of protected or rare species, or habitats, being present.

Based on our findings we can make recommendations for avoidance or reduction of impacts, precautionary approach principles and enhancement measures that may be implemented. Only if deemed necessary do we plan further ecology surveys.


Enviroment Department

Marine Surveys and Assessments

AAN Group are world-leading providers in all types of marine surveys, inspections and audits, providing rapid marine assurance and risk support to clients anywhere in the world, and catering to vessels and offshore assets of any type and any size. We serve vessel owners, managers, charterers, flag state, brokers, banks and insurance parties.